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Neophyte Recordings was formed in 1985 by Coventry musicians Kevin Harrison and Peter Every as a vehicle to release material by their experimental band NEO. The label was initially cassette only, but found distribution channels and outlets in both the UK and The Netherlands.

Neophyte went on to host releases by Coventry bands such as The Bats, Transient, Vilan as well as solo releases by Peter Every. The label fell out of use by 1988.

In 2008 Peter reinstated the label for the release of “The Wrong Sort of Cruel” his first solo material for nearly 20 years. The label is now home to Peter, Thorn, Stett Audio and Neophyte Steppers.

Neophyte has big plans for 2016. We are expanding our catalogue and signing up new artists. .


If you are interested in releasing your music or art on Neophyte Recordings, please get in touch with us via our contact us page. Link us up to your demos or complete work. Here is the deal: You propose the release, you propose the artwork. We will complete the artwork to conform to house style. We will distribute your release. Financial Deal: The split is 100% of any monies paid go to you, 0% goes to Neophyte Recordings. You may wish to contribute some costs back to us – but we leave that with you and your conscience. Also, we don’t do written contracts just an agreement between friends in the tradition of Saint Tony Wilson. Any deal is non-exclusive – you can find other ways of getting your music out at the same time as having a release on Neophyte. We would advise against it, for clarity’s sake, but it is and remains your music to do with what you will.

Also we won’t put out shit and we will retain the right to define what shit is. Thanks.