The Egg Register

by Peter Every

Released 25 November 2016

Peter Every: Piano, guitar and other instruments.
Howell Lovell: Saxaphone on Die Heilung Ein Wald.
Jan Eerala: Rainscape on hiljainen sade

Recorded at Neophyte 2 2014-2016

hiljainen sade for Ms Kae Asamizu

Track List

A Cloud in Trousers
Die Heilung Ein Wald
hiljainen sade
In Boats
Our Foolish Ways
The Print of the Nails
From the Pavement
A Widow on the Ice

Selected Track Previews
  • A Cloud in Trousers
  • hiljainen sade
  • Die Heilung Ein Wald
  • The Print of the Nails
  • In Boats

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