The wrong sort of cruel

by Peter Every

Released 9th November 2008

The Wrong Sort of Cruel is Peter Every's first release, under his own name, in over twenty years - and although he'd like to say it was '20 years in the making', its actually more like two. The music is experimental and doesn't really sound 'like' anyone else he can think of. You, however, may play spot the influences if you wish.

These pieces were put together at different times and under a variety of circumstances, with no clear intention of a release. Although the set has its inconsistencies there's enough of interest to justify the download.


1 Louisiana
2 Special Offer
3 Yash
4 Unheimlich
5: Fascination
6 Language
7 Dust (Settles on the Needle)
8 Dog Lounge Diary

Selected Previews:
  • Dog Lounge Diary
  • Louisiana
  • Yash
  • Language
  • Fascination

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